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segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2012

Cooking #fail

Here is the thing, leave your 10 year-old child alone at home. Add to this the message: “Mom and Dad will be very late, the food is ready and you just have to heat it up, like I taught you. Be careful with the fire, kisses.” Yes, we didn’t have a microwave back then (or it wasn’t so common, though), so I needed to play chef. Now put your brain to work and imagine a child with Bobby’s World in his head pretending to be a cook. It couldn’t work, right? Definitely!
The task was so simple, just put the pans on the stove and wait till it is ready. But no, the “fantastic” child would play the TV Show and would teach the audience how to prepare a delicious meal. Instead of just pretend cooking, this “marvelous” child would really add more ingredients to the food. Innocently, he served himself some of his “great meal” and when he tasted it, his mouth was on fire, he added salt, more salt to the food and ruined it. Oh my God, so now what? Yes, great idea genius! How to solve this puzzle? If he knew “The sound of music” at that time, he would start singing “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, but he didn’t and this fact couldn’t avoid him really adding sugar to his dish. Result: I can’t even describe it and I don’t want to remember the taste of it.
He discovered the bittersweet taste, but in the worst and wrong way, because bittersweet is good, not his, the real bittersweet made by a real Chef. By the end of that day, the food was in trash and he was in bed, not grounded, because his parents never discovered his adventure, he was smart enough and threw that away, there was little food that even his parents couldn’t taste it, if it was something good. So he ate his delicious dish and later on he drank liters of water, like a camel. And the rest in the pans was now garbage. That very night, he discovered the obvious: he wasn’t born to be a Chef. Again, it didn’t stop him from trying a couple of more times.