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sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012


When I was with you I couldn't show my feelings, at least, not completely. I was afraid of putting you on the spot and made you to choose between me and the other. On the other hand, by not showing myself completely, I could have you thinking that I was just killing time and having some silly fun. It wasn't only a sexual thing or just because you are fucking beautiful, I did have deep feelings for you and I still have, but now I must walk away from you, from you lover not you friend.
At this moment, doing that, walking away, I feel like I am corroborating your likely thoughts that I didn't feel anything at all, as if I just wanted your body. When the truth is: I'm broken. Saying good-bye was never easy, ending us is difficult even though we didn't even start us. 
I missed you, I miss you and I'll miss you but I must and I will forget all those memories of you, I have to. 
I just need to make you sure that I wasn't playing around, I was with you because I liked you. I'm not with you, but I still like you. I just need to be away... you know why. You made your choice and it forced me to make mine.

Miss you!