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segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2012

Smoking in the dawning

Here I am, on the floor in my room. After a regretful smoking (damn I need to quit), it still dark outside and I could see the stars. Alanis just sang to me "the only way out is through" and now I got what it means. I'm working my "through", sometimes it gets hard to go by, but I know I must try. 
A sad tear drops, and then I realize 'what am I sad about?'. I can't find the answer right now. But reasons I do not have, because I have terrific friends and a lovely family and they're helping me out in their own manners.
I am tired, that's it. Tired of having to pass through it all again. I can't stand those lights passing by me, ops, I forgot, it was me that was passing by them. But I'll find my way out and I know that the only way is through.