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sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

"Eu te amo, mas..." não é uma declaração de amor!

“I Love You, But...”

“Honey, I Love You BUT...”

is NOT a declaration of love
It is so sweet and tender to begin a sentence with this declaration of love. After all, it can be said with a smile on the face and innocent patience in the voice.
But is it tender and loving?
It is actually a strategy for power and control by guilt. The “I-love-you-but... person” uses negativity for leverage.
It can also be quite psychologically damaging, then, to be in a relationship with this person. Your partner is constantly belittling you while hiding behind a guise of love. You are being manipulated in a power play. You are probably confused and often feeling guilty. You are being verbally abused!
(Joy Stevens)