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quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

After the rain

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I like the smell of the city
The lights reflecting on the street
After the rain
I like the breeze through my hair
And hearing soaked steps
After the rain

I know it sounds crazy
But it makes me feel like dancing
I don’t want to go home
All I need is to be on the streets
Feeling the energy
After the rain

Waking up is never easy
When I look through the window
It’s raining
Later on I’ll feel better for sure
Because I know I’ll be on the street
After the rain
I like to see the droplets on my window
It’s good to see the pavement all wet
After the rain

You’ll think I’m crazy
But all I want to do is dance
After the rain
I don’t want to go back home
I want to hanging around with my friends
After the rain

I feel blooming
I feel happy
It’s not singing in the rain
Because I’m all concerned about
After the rain