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quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011

Under my skin

I can still smell you, even though you got you skin back. I wore it as if it were mine. I felt as you were by my side while I was under your skin, and the distance between us didn't seem so far enough. But easy comes and easy goes and I needed to give it back to you, after all it was your skin. How would you walk around with no skin? I understood it and that's why I gave it back. 
On the other hand, I couldn't spend so much time under your skin, it would be dangerous because you'd probably become part of me, more than you are now. I gave it back, but your scent still lingers on me, even if I tried it wouldn't left my body. I was under your skin, I felt you so close to me and I still feel as if I were under it. Even if I never wore you skin, I would feel the same because I already got you under my skin without you noticing it and without your permission.