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terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Me and my heart

I want to teach my heart how to live without you. It must be aware of this, I can’t have you most of the time. It must get used to not seeing you so often, because as the year ends the space between us increases.
I’ve put my poor heart into a hard work; I avoided seeing you every day and tried not to feel so sad when I couldn’t have you for a long time in my day. It knows that you don’t belong to me (even if it wants to). It learned that you are free and that your life travels to a different road.
But my heart sometimes is so stubborn and it doesn’t want to accept your absence. Once in a while it cries for missing you. What can I do? Change my heart for a grown up one? A heart that already knows this “life stuff"?
Why didn't I tell you all my heart wants me to do? “Don't you tell me off, my little heart, one day I will, I promise”. But it doesn't believe me. But what my heart can do? Change me for a grown up one?...