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sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

Day of gray

It was not a typical trip, the sky was dark and gray as his heart. Although he was waiting for this day, when it hit him he realised he would never be prepared at all. The sky was full of rain, as his eyes and he could not prevent the tears to fall. Sometimes feeling sad, sometimes feeling afraid, sometimes just feeling. 

Then, he decided to take a walk, it was drizzling but he didn't care. There he was, staring at the sea that was pale as he could see and everything around him seemed to cry. He looked to the sky again, the same color as the sea, and thought "If it will happen to everybody, then why are we never ready when it happens to somebody so close? Why does it hurt that much? What will become of me when it happens to me?"
Why?... Why?... Why?... I will never know.