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segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013

Soul Sister

   Words are useless when it comes to describe you or even what I feel for you. Saying that you are my best friend are not enough, that's why I decided to call you my soul sister, yes, SISTER! When we are apart, something lacks in my life because when we are together, my soul is fulfilled by your inner light. You have such a light, believe me. 
   Gave me strength when I wasn't that strong, gave me hope when I was about to fail, if I got a secret it's not a great one if couldn't share with you. I can trust you with my eyes very closed, because I know you always lead me to the right path. You made me grow up, and you still are. 
   You make my words looking silly, I tried and tried to find the best ones, but they are not capable to express it, us. One thing I know for sure: that you can feel it, you're my better half when I need it, or my dark side when it's needed. You balance my whole being and that's why I feel the need to always keep you by my side.