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sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

All I want

We don’t need to hurry, let us be
But I need to tell you that I miss you so much
But my missing is worst because I have you by my side but I can’t touch you
We’re so close everyday but I can’t feel you
Saying ‘hi’ is not enough

Your lips
Your arms
Your skin
That’s all I want
Your voice
Your smile
Your touch
That’s all I feel
But I can’t have it

Dazzling eyes and hunger lips
Looking at you makes me hung over
I’ll look around just trying to find you in the crowd
When I pick you out the sun comes out
Everything seems so simple but
Kissing your cheek is not enough
I don’t want to say goodbye

Your mouth
Your body 
Your tight hands
That’s all I want to feel
Your voice
Whispering in my ear
That’s all I want to have
I want you all
But I can’t have it